30 November 2007

The Current Setup

The Current Setup:
2x Intel Dual-core Xeon 2.66GHZ processors
5GB Memory (2x 512MB, 4x 1GB)
2x 500GB Harddrives (7200RPM, 16MB cache)
1x 250GB Harddrive (7200RPM, 8MB cache)
1x ATI Radeon X1900 XT 512MB Graphics Card
1x Dell "Apple" 30" Monitor

Mac OS X 10.5.1 Leopard
Windows XP SP2 (via BootCamp and Parallels)
Ubuntu Linux 7.10 (spotty, via Parallels)

Prologue to This Esteemed Weblog

This is a blog created solely for my amusement. It's content may vary, but I intend to stick mainly to story about Macintosh in general, and my Macintosh specifically. I have started this blog after owning my Macintosh for several weeks, and so most of the interesting stuff has already happened, and has already passed from my memory. As such, I am posting this prologue to inform you of the formatting of all posts to follow.

I intend to keep this somewhat regularly updated (which everyone knows will never happen- this blog was created more than a week before this was posted). Since, as I mentioned before, most interesting things have already occurred, I will post "flashbacks" referencing things of interest that have taken place a significant time before the relevant post. These will not be dated. Others will have been somewhat-recent events, but I make no promises or guarantees.

You have been warned. Read at your own risk.