30 November 2007

Prologue to This Esteemed Weblog

This is a blog created solely for my amusement. It's content may vary, but I intend to stick mainly to story about Macintosh in general, and my Macintosh specifically. I have started this blog after owning my Macintosh for several weeks, and so most of the interesting stuff has already happened, and has already passed from my memory. As such, I am posting this prologue to inform you of the formatting of all posts to follow.

I intend to keep this somewhat regularly updated (which everyone knows will never happen- this blog was created more than a week before this was posted). Since, as I mentioned before, most interesting things have already occurred, I will post "flashbacks" referencing things of interest that have taken place a significant time before the relevant post. These will not be dated. Others will have been somewhat-recent events, but I make no promises or guarantees.

You have been warned. Read at your own risk.


Hartford Dude said...

This is a pretty awesome blog. I'm glad someone makes a blog for Macintosh. Macs rule!!!!!

Lizzy said...

You are a pretty funny guy, Bjorn. I really like the blog idea. I'm looking forward to more of your writings.