21 May 2008

Shortcuts and Word 2004

Until yesterday I had to boot up Windows with Parallels in order to run Microsoft Word. Not so any longer! I am completely freed from Windows (except for Photoshop... and Winamp. The Winamp vs. iTunes for iPod is still unresolved). A few things I have discovered recently...

You can customize pretty much any shortcut imaginable for Word 2004 by going to the Tools -> Customize -> Customize Keyboard... panel. But, the reason I had been trying to customize things proved to be unnecessary.

After about 10 minutes worth of research trying to find the Ctrl + Enter shortcut (to create a new page) for Mac, I discovered it myself. Cmd + Shift + Enter

However, while researching, I discovered a new shortcut: Command tilde (Cmd + `). This cycles through all of the application windows. Useful when you have several Firefox or Word windows open at the same time.

02 May 2008

Art. Lebdev Studio

Just thought I'd throw out this website. I found it a while ago (after finding out that it is the source of several ThinkGeek products) but never thought to post it here. Their recent release of the Optimus Maximus keyboard has aroused my interest and wishes for funds with which to purchase it. As for now, however, I will suffice with the Das II Keyboard.

Art. Levdev Studio Website