21 May 2008

Shortcuts and Word 2004

Until yesterday I had to boot up Windows with Parallels in order to run Microsoft Word. Not so any longer! I am completely freed from Windows (except for Photoshop... and Winamp. The Winamp vs. iTunes for iPod is still unresolved). A few things I have discovered recently...

You can customize pretty much any shortcut imaginable for Word 2004 by going to the Tools -> Customize -> Customize Keyboard... panel. But, the reason I had been trying to customize things proved to be unnecessary.

After about 10 minutes worth of research trying to find the Ctrl + Enter shortcut (to create a new page) for Mac, I discovered it myself. Cmd + Shift + Enter

However, while researching, I discovered a new shortcut: Command tilde (Cmd + `). This cycles through all of the application windows. Useful when you have several Firefox or Word windows open at the same time.

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