14 December 2008

New MacBook!

This is the post I have been putting off for a while now. The post about the purchase of a new MacBook that occurred a few weeks ago. I have not had the time to write on it. But, as I have been productive tonight, I write on it now.

The new MacBook was purchased in all its two-tone glory. I love the backlit keyboard that is now standard and the edge-to-edge glass screen. The gloss really is not that bad, and I think the ease of cleaning way overcomes any downside that presents.

Along with the new MacBook was purchased Parallels 4. However, just a couple weeks ago, VMWare was running a "CyberMonday" (how I hate the term) special on Fusion; it was marked down about $40USD. Because of the deal, I also purchased Fusion and have tried it out somewhat; I hooked it up to my Boot Camp partition on the MacPro and it worked as well as Parallels I would say, but still did not run games well...

At any rate, another Mac has been added to the family. Another hit from Apple.

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