23 April 2008

Overload! (And Getting Rid of the Voume Change Sound)

The newest acquisition to the Macintosh arsenal: A MacBook Pro!

Yes, it arrived Saturday of last week, and I have been setting it up and getting it running. With it, I have already had many issues which need to be recorded, but I haven't the time for all of that. Thus, to start with, I shall tell you how to get rid of the volume change noise.

Some describe it as a quack, others as a golf ball hitting a chalkboard, but the most accurate description I've heard is a suction cup being pulled off a smooth surface. Yes, that noise that is made when you change the volume on your Mac. In OS X, it's as simple as opening System Preferences -> Sound and unchecking the box that says "Play feedback when volume is changed." However, using Boot Camp, it is not so simple.

After much searching, I found the solution and shall relate it to you:

The sound is stored in a .dll file that can be found in C:\Program Files\Boot Camp\Boot Camp.Resources\.lproj\Resources.dll (I am using English, but if you happen to use another language, you will open the appropriate folder)

At this point, you will want to make a backup of this Resources.dll file just in case.

Open that file with a resource editor (I used Resource Hacker) and find the WAV/WAVE resource (I believe it is the first one in a folder with a number for a name, such as 435). Delete the file within it.

Reboot and you're done!

And by the way, in case you were wondering, the light sensors in the MacBook Pro are at top of the speakers on either side of the keyboard; cover them and your keyboard will light up!

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