23 April 2008

The Right-Click Debacle

It began innocently enough. In OS X you hold down control and left-click to right-click. Well, in Boot Camp that doesn't work. So I went out and researched a solution. Lo and behold, I found one! A little freeware application that allows you to carry that Ctrl+Click over to Windows XP with Boot Camp. Problem solved!

But it wasn't. Now when using Windows Explorer, you couldn't select more than one file at a time (other than using shift, but if they weren't in a row, you were stuck). Then, while browsing for the solution to another problem, I found the solution. I had noticed it before, using a two finger tap caused a right click, but had never successfully gotten it to work. But the place I found the information was more descriptive: you hold two fingers on the trackpad and then click. There's your right click. Problem solved!

For real.

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