16 October 2008

Thoughts on Apple's Market Share

Thanks to David Pogue's latest post that got me thinking about this. I actually believe it is a thought I got from him originally (Via Mackorisnik), but I thought I would expound a bit on my feelings toward this subject.

I am happy with Apple having a small market share. Sure, you don't get all of the products you'd like due to lack of demand (à la ADCSee), but along that same line of reasoning you don't get viruses, trojans, or spyware.

Steve Jobs never set out to make Apple a major computer dealer along the lines of Dell, he set out to make something beautiful. Owning an Apple (in my opinion) should be like owning a BMW: you get what you pay for, and it is something unique and beautiful.

The proliferation of iPods is really what started it all, and now the proliferation of Mac Notebooks (especially among university students) may be starting a future trend. I just hope I don't have to switch to Linux to avoid the hassle of viruses.

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