16 October 2008

Apple's New Laptops

Well, yesterday afternoon I watched Steve Jobs give his keynote (online, not in person). I was audience to the revealing of the new hardware. New MacBook, new MacBook Pro (in the 15-inch variety, though I just read an Apple Insider article that says the new 17-inchers are due in a few months), new cinema display, and updated MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 17-inch have been introduced. I though I'd add my voice to the cacophany already out there.

The new cases I'm sure will grow on me, but they are a bit jarring at first. I kind of dislike that there is minimal difference between the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros (deprives you the pleasure of smugness). Another feature that will certainly make the cases grow on me is the strength and lightness of them.

Faster processers is good. Better graphics is good. Can't argue with those. The new connectors give me pause, though. I will have to see how standard these get, but the idea of being charged more to buy adapters to make them work with current technology irks me.

My favourite new feature: the solid state drives! You will remember from my MacBook Air post

The glossy screens I remain neutral upon. If they are truly glass, then I would be pleased (truly meaning that they can be cleaned like glass making for easy screen cleaning without damaging the delicate little pixels).

Backlit keyboards are always a plus, but from what (limited) experience I've had typing on the MacBooks and MacBook Airs it takes some getting used to until you can type rapidly on the widely-spaced keys.

All in all, new hardware updates from Apple are (most) always a cause for joy, and I look forward to playing with (and possibly purchasing) Apple's latest hardware.

that I was hoping for these to be introduced. I am pleasantly surprised that they made it into the next update of notebooks! And increased size too!

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