10 February 2008

Burn a DVD

So you made a backup copy of one of your favourite movies, and now the disc is scratched beyond all recognition. But there's one problem: how on earth are you going to burn it?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, problem solved. I shall reveal to you the way to make it work.

Once you have legally obtained non-copyrighted DVD material using Mac the Ripper, use another program called DVD Imager to take the VIDEO_TS folder and make it into a disc image. Once you have that, it's as simple as using Disk Utility to burn that image onto a DVD.

So simple... once you have the right software. But fortunate you! Thou hast found mine blog and discovered that I have done all of the legwork for you! Here follow the links to the pages where you may download these glorious programmes!

Mac the Ripper

DVD Imager

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Thank you very much Bjorn