04 February 2008

MacBook Air

It has been quite a while since I last posted. I knew this would happen when I started. But since I have no readers in the first place, nothing lost. What are some things I've been doing in the time since my last post? Well thank you for asking! In that time...

The MacBook Air has come out. Everyone else is giving their take on it, now I'll throw mine out into the world wide net of obscurity. It's pretty. It's small. and It's pretty small.

Features I like:
-Small Size
-L.E.D. Backlit Screen (comes on to full brightness)
-Backlit Keyboard (this should be on all MacBook models)
-Upgraded Touchpad with iPhone-like Commands
-Small Size
and, best of all
-Solid State Drive.
*Quick Note* I have been obsessed with solid state drives for quite a while and have been dreaming of when they could be found more commonly in laptops. I believe this step will usher in a new era and hope that solid state drives soon come to all MacBook, and in fact, all Macintosh computer, models.

Features I do not like:
-Slow normal harddrive
-No CD Drive
-Very, very few ports
-No removable/replaceable battery

Apple has done their best to overcome these problems with several interesting features. The one that I'm thinking of at the moment is the nice piece of software included with the restore discs that allows you to wirelessly use another Mac or PC CD drive to install software. However, this does not allow for watching DVDs and again, only works wirelessly. That's the real point I have issue with on the MacBook Air. I know, you must compromise in order to fit everything in such a small, less-than-an-inch-thick computer that weighs three pounds. But that doesn't mean I have to like it. The lack of ports is what really would prevent me from ever purchasing a MacBook Air.

In conclusion, I personally would not buy a MacBook Air, but I think it is a wonderful piece of hardware that shows us several new features that Apple has cooked up recently. I look forward to the integration of these features (namely the solid state drives, L.E.D. backlight, and touchpad upgrades) being integrated into the whole MacBook line. I plan on purchasing a MacBook Pro when I do get a Macintosh laptop, and dearly hope that Apple soon upgrades their whole line.

-Post Script-
I want Apple to update the MacMini. I hope they do soon. Quite soon.

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