04 February 2008

More on Keyboards

Well, I hooked up the ol' Das II keyboard again. However, this time I did it when I went into BootCamp. And when I booted back into OS X, lo and behold Macintosh surprises me again! When you reboot without the Apple keyboard attached, it puts the button to eject a disk (The main reason I had previously not used this keyboard) along the top bar! I'm sure those (nonexistent) persons who read this will be thinking "duh!" but I was surprised.

Note: I had previously only had the Das keyboard and the Apple keyboard hooked up at the same time. I had not previously disconnected the Apple keyboard. As such, I am not 100% sure that you need a reboot to have the eject button appear.

Update: Another "duh!" moment... I knew this, but had forgotten it. Holding F12 also opens the SuperDrive. You don't need an eject key or button. Duh.

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