26 December 2007

Das II Keyboard

I recently obtained the Das II Keyboard from ThinkGeek and now am faced with a dilemma. Which keyboard is best?

There's the pretty pretty Apple keyboard in sleek white that came with the Mac, but then there's the retro-style, über-fast typing (and clicking) Das II Keyboard.

I really like the Das keyboard, but the problem lies in the matching issue. Although the Das keyboard would make an excellent PC keyboard, bringing back memories about IBM in the early 90s. However, it just isn't that Mac-ish. The mouse doesn't match either, but I can't bring myself to go back to a normal mouse after using the excellent Mighty Mouse. I wish there were another manufacturer who could, at the very least, have a mouse with squeezable sides, and preferably, also have a 360 degree scroll button.

However, I'm still left with the dilemma. Which keyboard? I figure I'll switch them out. I'll use the Mac one for the most part, and put out the good old Das when guests come over (with greasy, sticky, keyboard-staining, unwashed hands). Thus, it will send a subtle message saying "I try to keep this computer to myself."

Further developments may or may not be written about. Have a wonderful Christmas Holiday Season Winter.

Merry Frickin' Winter.

Das II Keyboard
Merry Frickin' Winter

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