21 December 2007

Bluetooth Praises

When we got the MacPro, we of course got the basics and upgraded it ourselves. I did not realize how easy it would be to do the upgrades.
The most recent episode has been that of Bluetooth. We got a cell phone cable kit that had several somewhat universal cables included, along with a bonus Bluetooth adapter.
Now, I'd used this particular Bluetooth adapter before, with a PC, and had many frustrations with it. I plug it into the Mac, open System Preferences, Click on Bluetooth, and lo and behold, it says "This computer has Bluetooth Capabilities." Just like that. It worked. I was thinking it was too easy, so I opened up Palm Desktop and configured my Palm Centro for Bluetooth HotSync.
I HotSynced.
It worked.
First try.
Granted, it took a bit longer, but it worked! Easily! I love Macintosh!
File transfer also works seamlessly. Thank you Apple, Inc. I would give you cookies if you weren't a soulless corporation.

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