06 December 2007

NAS Connecting

I use network attached storage for all my videos, pictures, and music. Also, since ID3 tags are the norm for music identification, may of the filenames are very long and impractical. Thus, when I attempted to view some of the files, they wouldn't show up. "How odd," I would think to myself. I would boot into Windows via Parallels, and I could see the files just fine.

Then I remembered. I remembered seeing something about errors seeing files with filenames over 30 characters and/or files over 2GB. I looked it up, and found out that since Macintosh defaults to afp://, the Apple Filing Protocol, which is rather dated. The solution: use smb://, server message block. This is what Windows uses. Lo and behold, that fixed my problems.

The moral of the story: use SMB.

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