02 December 2007

Hide Dock Icons

Just a quick blurb for the day. Today's is about hiding dock icons.

Everyone knows it. The programs you run whenever you're running your Mac. From iTunes to your chat client, it's those apps that you are always using but don't need to see in the dock. Well, thanks to a handy forum post I found, it's possible. I thought it might be beneficial for me to go ahead and post it here as well.

I will restate it in my own words. Basically, running Leopard, you open Finder and navigate to the Applications folder. Find the app whose icon you'd like to hide, and right click it, selecting "Show Package Contents."

Once viewing the contents, right click the one titled "Info.plist" and open it with Text Editor (or whichever text editing program you prefer). Once there, add the following section:


-NOTE: You must replace the square brackets with angled ones, HTML picks up on them and thus hides them when I try to type them-

Save the text file and close the text editing program. If the program was running at the time you edited the file, you will have to restart it for the change to take affect.

I found this a helpful little hint, and hopefully you will too. In case anyone is interested, the original forum post where I found this hint is located here.

This little trick also prevents the top toolbar from showing for the program. You have been forewarned. This prevents you from (in some programs) editing the preferences and accessing the menu. And exiting it. You have been warned.

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