12 December 2007

Playing with Linux Flavours

My current project has been to play with Parallels and Linux. My first project was Ubuntu 7.10.

Ubuntu 7.10:
Status: Partially Successful.
Notes: Installed successfully using the alternate install disc. It seems to have issues with the graphics, and although I did find a helpful workaround, it must be applied each and every time it boots (for some reason, it doesn't save the changes...). I have successfully run it three times, but I'm too lazy to do it every time. And I'm only playing with these- with a Mac, what more could you want need? This leads me to...

Ubuntu 6.06.1:
Status: Successful.
Notes: No graphics issues. Worked seamlessly.

Debian 4.0r1
Status: Installing
Notes: I am writing this entry whilst I wait for Debian Linux to install.

Fedora 8
Satus: Downloading
Notes: Fedora 8 has a bad server- it takes an exceedingly lengthy amount of time to download.

Updates to come.

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